A domain name is like an address , it’s the easiest way to find or be found online. A domain name is your address online, your online home. We register finnish .fi-domains and almost all international domains.  The fi-domains can be registered from 1-5 years.

Finnish domains Ltd is an official registrar for fi-domains. Companies, organisations and private persons, regardless of their domicile, can all have fi-domain names registered for them. We register the domain name on your behalf and perform all related actions, such as renewing of domain names. We also provide optional services related to domain names, such as email, name servers and web hosting.

Use the domain name search tool to see whether the domain name is available for registration.

An fi-domain name must not infringe a protected name or trademark owned by another party.

International domains

The most popular international domains have endings like .com, .net, org, .eu, .info ja .biz These domains can be registered by companies or private persons. Addional services can be related.

Domain prices (prices without VAT)

.fi            1 year/19€

.fi            3 years/45€

.fi            5 years/65€

.com.      17€/year

.net         17€/year

.org         17€/year

.eu           17€/year